Secret #1: Get Rid Of The Junk!

Ingrid MacherThanks for joining me.

It’s time to take that first step, so let’s take it together.

It’s a step that most people completely overlook.

See, most people would assume this step takes place in the gym… or during a run in the park…

But this step happens long before you even slip into your workout clothes.

It happens in your own home.

In your kitchen.

Before we can build the new you, we need to eliminate all the things that have weighed you down in the past.

So as step one, we’re going to conduct a little “kitchen makeover.”

We’re going to step into our kitchen… go through our fridge… go through our cabinets… find all the things we know we shouldn’t be eating…

And throw it all in the garbage!

That’s right… we’re going to take all the junk food in our house…

The chips… the sodas… the candy… the desserts… the doughnuts…

All those nasty temptations that have been keeping us fat…

And get rid of it all.

Too much junk in the kitchen leads to too much junk in the trunk.

Later on, we’ll build rock-solid willpower that makes this junk easier to avoid… but for now, in the crucial early stages… we want to remove the temptation completely.

Then… once we’ve cleaned out the junk, it’s time to fill our kitchen back up with healthy foods.

So we’re gonna go shopping…

Now, here’s a little trick for you. You never want to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.

When you’re hungry, you aren’t thinking rationally about the food around you.

You’re too easily tempted. And this can lead to you making poor choices.

You should go after you’ve already had a satisfying meal.

Or even better… after a gym session (have a snack after your workout, then head over).

When the endorphins from exercise are flowing and you’re feeling healthy, you’re going to naturally make healthier choices.

But as a simple rule, stay away from anything that comes in a box or a bag.

Stick to real foods…

Fruits, vegetables, fresh meats…

It’s hard to go wrong when you’re eating these foods in their natural forms.

And by stocking your kitchen with these healthy items, you set yourself on track to eat right.

I’ll talk to you soon… with more secrets to help you…

Get healthy and get hot,

Ingrid Macher
P.S. Tomorrow’s secret will cover how you can actually use food to fight fat. It’s exciting and only 24 hours away.

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