Secret #3: The Missing Link Revealed

Ingrid MacherSo far, everything I told you had to do with food.

What to eat… what not to eat… when to eat it…

And of course, that stuff is important.

But as important as it is…

Food only makes up half of what you put into your body.

We haven’t even talked about the other half…

The things you drink!

And here is where so many people go wrong.

They’ll pay great attention to the things they eat… they’ll make healthy choices in their food selection… and then they’ll waste all their efforts by washing it down with some high-sugar beverage.

Drinking the wrong things is one of the fastest ways to ruin your weight loss efforts.

Because they’re liquids, you may not realize just how many calories some of these drinks contain…

The sodas… the fruit juices… the iced teas….

These are all high in calories, and it’s the worst kind of calories.

They’re loaded with sugar, which activates your body’s fat storage mode, and sends all those extra calories straight to your tummy and butt.

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So always remember to avoid all high-sugar drinks.

And no, drinking the “diet” versions isn’t okay either.

While these drinks are lower in calories, they’re filled with harmful artificial sweeteners that mimic the effects of sugar.

Drinking them will actually cause your body to crave sugar, making it much harder to make healthy eating decisions.

And that’s what success is all about.

At least in the beginning…

We want to make it as easy as possible to make the right decisions.

We don’t want to sabotage ourselves by causing annoying cravings.

That’s why you’re going to want to stay away from alcohol too.

It dehydrates you… robs you of your energy… and impairs your judgment… three things that leads to disaster when trying to begin a healthy eating plan.

As you adapt to your new lifestyle, you should only be drinking things that support your goals.

No empty calories… No soft drinks that are basically “liquid candy…”

You need to be drinking things that nourish your cells.

The most obvious one is water.

Our bodies are almost 70% water, so it makes sense we need it to function properly.

And to lose weight… we need all our cells working at their maximum capacity, so water and weight loss go hand-in-hand…

In fact, a study has shown that drinking eight glasses of cold water per day… can actually cause your body to drop up to 7.3 pounds of extra fat!

That’s an entire dress size… just from one simple tweak that doesn’t cost you a dime.

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There… you’ll discover more about how your mind controls your body… and what you can do to change your mind.

Information you can use to…

Get healthy and get hot,

Ingrid Macher
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