Secret #6: Beauty Sleep Slims You Down

Ingrid MacherFat loss doesn’t always have to be hard.

In fact, one of the most effective things you can do also happens to be the easiest.

To blast away that nasty belly fat, you need to make sure you get enough sleep each night.

They call it beauty sleep for a reason… and unless you’re getting yours, it’s almost impossible to get that body of your dreams.


Well, there are two reasons.

The first reason is pretty obvious.

Without sleep, you’re going to be grouchy and irritable. You’re going to be fatigued.

You’re going to be looking for an energy boost to get you through the work day, and will start craving sugar to provide that boost.

Also… since you’re tired, you’re more likely to skip out on your fat blasting workout that day. Or even if you go, you won’t have the energy to give it 100% effort, which will ruin your results.

That’s the obvious reason.

But the second reason isn’t as obvious.

You see, lack of sleep is incredibly stressful to your body. When you’re sleeping, your body is at rest. This is the time where it spends energy on important functions (like muscle and tissue repair).

So when you don’t give it the necessary sleep, it slows down your metabolism so that it can still complete these tasks.

That, of course, makes you store more fat.

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Also, when you’re deprived of sleep, your body releases a stress hormone called cortisol.

High levels of cortisol has been shown to increase hunger levels…

And has also been linked to higher body fat storage!

So a lack of sleep doesn’t just take its toll on your energy levels… but on your waistline as well!

Proper sleep also does wonders for your skin, hair and nails…

There’s a reason they call it beauty sleep!

Aim for at least six hours per night… but the more, the better.

It will improve you health…

And in turn, cut down on the time it takes to get that slim and sexy body.

So make sure you get your sleep in…

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Get healthy and get hot,

Ingrid Macher
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