Secret #7: The Right Mindset Melts Fat!

Ingrid MacherIf you want to drop all your ugly fat and keep it off, well then…

You need to have the right mindset!

Let the positivity flow through your veins.

Every day, you should wake up excited, fueled by the fact you’re getting closer and closer to your goals that day.

Yet most people do the opposite.

Most people dwell on the negatives.

Instead of focusing on how good they’re going to look and feel…

They start thinking about all the junk food they miss pigging out on.

Instead of accepting that weight loss is a process, they feel dejected the first time they hit a plateau.

Basically… their thinking patterns have them set up for failure long before they even begin.

They have a negative mindset… and it’s only a matter of time until they quit.

Don’t fall into this trap.

Make positivity the focus of your life.

Find inspiration and let it carry you through until you reach your goals.

You can use books for that inspiration. Find those with a message that resonates with you. Quotes you like… repeat them every day.

Surround yourself with positive people… those who are going to encourage you and help you reach your goals.

Stay away from those who try to fill your head with self-doubt.

But while it’s great to use others as inspiration, your true motivation should come from within.

In my Fat Loss Fiesta video, I reveal the most amazing techniques on the planet for getting yourself motivated… and keeping that motivation up until you love what you see in the mirror.

They’re techniques I’ve personally developed… that let me drop over 50 pounds of ugly body fat in the blink of an eye.

They helped eliminate those nasty cravings… made my workouts something I actually looked forward to… and most importantly, made weight loss simple, quick, easy… and FUN!

And they’re all in this short video:

These techniques took me from a fat loss failure… to being an inspiration to others almost overnight.

And right now, I’d like to share one of them with you.

It’s called The Before and After Trick…

It’s simple, but incredibly powerful.

Here’s how it works…

You take a picture of yourself. A reminder of what you look like…

And you put these pictures all around your house…

By the bathroom mirror… on the fridge… in your cabinets…

That way, your mind is always on your goals. There’s no moment of weakness.

Before you reach into the fridge for that piece of chocolate cake, you get reminded of how it’s going to affect your body.

It keeps you from slipping off track.

And the longer you stay on track, the more the momentum builds… and the easier it becomes to keep chugging along.

Mindset techniques are, without a doubt, the best way to build that momentum.

And the most powerful ones ever developed… are all waiting for you inside Fat Loss Fiesta.

I strongly recommend you take a look.

These mindset techniques are sure to help you…

Get healthy and get hot,

Ingrid Macher
P.S. Next up, I’m going to share some practical ways to trick your body into shedding those extra pounds. Simple little tricks that make a huge difference in controlling cravings… and getting results.

P.P.S. But if you want ALL of powerful fat loss tricks (without waiting any more), then you should check out my Fat Loss Fiesta video.